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The Office of the Attorney General has the duty to protect the interests of all beneficiaries of charities within its jurisdiction. As such, the Consumer and Environmental Protection Division oversees charitable organizations (501(c)(3)s and organizations that identify themselves to the public as having a charitable purpose; except for religious and educational organizations, as defined in the Charitable Solicitations Act that exist, operate or solicit contributions in our state. The Division conducts investigations and takes enforcement actions to protect the assets of New Mexico charities, ensures that the assets are used for their intended charitable purposes, and protects New Mexicans from unlawful solicitation practices by fundraisers.

In carrying out these charity oversight duties, the Division provides information and assistance to many individuals who serve as directors, officers, volunteers, fundraisers, accountants, and attorneys for charitable organizations. The Division also provides the public with certain information on registered charities and their professional fundraisers.

NM Charities Search

Search the Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Organizations using the NM Charity Search website.​


All charitable organizations and private foundations that exist, operate, or solicit in the State of New Mexico must electronically register and file annual financial reports with the Office of the Attorney General, unless they are exempted by statute. 

Charitable Organization Complaints

With New Mexico Office of the Attorney General's Electronic Complaint Submission (ECS) application, you can submit your complaint to our office without having to fill out paper forms. If you prefer to fill out a paper form, you may do so by filling out and submitting the Charitable Organization Complaint Form.

If you need information you cannot find here, or would like to request brochures or publications, you may contact us at:

Office of The Attorney General
Charitable Organizations
P.O. Drawer 1508
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508

Phone: (505) 717-3500
Fax: (505) 318-1050​

IRS - Charities & Non-Profits Links

Charitable Solicitations Act

Charitable Solicitations Act

Charity Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Charity FAQ for a list of frequently asked questions regarding registration.

Professional Fundraisers

See professional fundraiser question of the Charity FAQ for infomation regarding professional fundraisers and registration requirements.