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The Executive Services Division focuses on improving and maintaining operational excellence by helping the agency to eliminate duplication, waste and inefficiencies. The Division reports to the Deputy Attorney General and acts independently to initiate, implement and document operational excellence activities plus coordinate, plan, document and fully manage the implementation of those activities. The Division maintains versatility and responds positively to periodically shifting of project focus and recognition of the importance of maintaining team flexibility which we believe to be vital for success.

The primary responsibility of the Executive Services Division is to achieve a comprehensive understanding of all the agency’s operations including each divisions connectivity and interdependency as well as understanding and documenting their contributions to productivity. Our goal is to identify top opportunities and lead the agency in a reengineering effort to accomplish maximum operational efficiencies.  Executive Services works in collaboration with IT and the functional divisions in order for us to be successful in our endeavors. The ultimate output targets are redesigned standard operating procedures and enhanced system utilization, to reduce human processing, error proof processes and to assist in creating a much greater capacity with the current resource structure.

The Executive Services Division will periodically embark on engagement with professional consultants to establish, verify and confirm key performance indicators to achieve and preserve operational efficiencies. The Division will take the lead and act as the primary contact for consultants and is charged with executing project initiatives, tracking progress and maximizing value of consulting engagements.

The Division is heavily involved and focuses on operational excellence through the implementation of new processes, design, and opportunities. Most importantly, the Division helps develop the blueprint for successful implementation that is broadly applied to various initiatives and new agency endeavors.