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If you are interested in an employment opportunity with the Office of the Attorney General, see current job openings listed below. To apply, click on the job title below.

Civil - Albuquerque
Assist in the coordination and direction of Training and Development Director to support the agency. Assist with scheduling of conference rooms and training, preparation of requisitions for travel, booking of venues, tracking of registration for training. Support in registering and assistance of subscriptions. Assistance with on-boarding. Support in office brochures, newsletters and manuals. Performs other related duties as assigned.
The Assistant Attorney General will be responsible for representing the State of New Mexico, its Officers, and Agencies in civil litigation and appeals. Such litigation includes defending the constitutionality of state laws and actions, affirmative litigation on behalf of the State, and assisting the OAG Solicitor General with appeals, extraordinary writs, and amicus briefing. The position involves work in a broad variety of subject matters including constitutional law, election law, governmental powers, and education law. The primary duties for this position include both managing and assisting complex litigation, legal research and writing, oral argument, developing legal strategy-including in novel and changing areas of law, and discovery. In addition, may prosecute licensees in hearings before state licensing boards or their appointed hearing officer. Serves as administrative prosecutor to approximately 30 state boards and commissions which regulate licensed professions. A majority of these prosecutions are for violations of the Uniform Licensing Act or related laws.
Civil - Santa Fe
This position will work closely with the Charities Unit within CEPD to evaluate and investigate complaints the office receives concerning charitable and non-profit organizations. Will be responsible for evaluating and investigating, and if necessary bringing enforcement action regarding, general consumer complaints the office receives concerning deceptive business practices, unfair lending and collections practices, anticompetitive business practices, public nuisance, and more.
Civil - Las Cruces
To provide advocacy and intervention services through informal mediation and community outreach for New Mexico constituents.
Criminal - Albuquerque
The Prosecutor will seek and prosecute criminal cases where the Attorney General has concurrent jurisdiction or where the interests of the State are served by participation of the Attorney General. The prosecutor will seek a timely and just resolution to those cases in the best interest of the victims and the community. The prosecutor should also expect to train law enforcement officers and other justice partners on complex issues related to specialized role of Attorney General in criminal justice system in New Mexico.
This job exists to provide law enforcement services and is responsible for reviewing and investigating misconduct that is referred to the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General. Investigations cover both civil and criminal offenses, ranging from violations of the New Mexico Medicaid Fraud Act, to abuse, neglect, and exploitation of individuals in facilities.
To provide administrative, financial and programmatic support to ensure efficient operation of the Special Investigations Unit and Division. Provide direct support to the Director, Special Agent in Charge and Special Agents.
Criminal - Santa Fe
Provides law enforcement services and is responsible for reviewing and investigation crimes that are referred to the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General. Crimes investigated range from violations of the Governmental Conduct Act to violent crimes. In furtherance of these investigations, Special Agents are expected to perform duties which include but are not limited to: interviewing victims, witnesses and suspects; coordinating investigative activities with other law enforcement agencies; performing surveillance and undercover activities when necessary; preparing, obtaining and executing search and arrest warrants; obtaining and serving subpoenas; securing and properly documenting evidence; maintaining organized case files; preparing comprehensive investigative reports to be used in criminal court proceedings; and testifying in legal proceedings. Special Agents also: maintain proficiency in firearms, defensive tactics, arrest techniques, and other required law enforcement training; prepare and deliver training for selected audiences; attend specialized and advanced training to further their abilities; provide technical guidance and assistance to law enforcement agencies when requested; attend working groups, partnership meetings, and other liaison activities. Special Agents should have a wide range of criminal investigative experience and a work history including successful investigations resulting in prosecution.