AG Guidance to Public Entities Regarding OMA and IPRA Compliance During COVID-19 State of Emergency - Click Here

Instructions for Filing Open Meetings Act Complaints

Complaints concerning potential Open Meetings Act violations submitted to our office should include:

  • Specific dates of potential violation
  • Description of the public body that took the action(s) in question
  • Description of the specific circumstances surrounding the allegation
  • Other supporting documentation

Instructions for Filing Inspection of Public Records Complaints

Complaints concerning potential Inspection of Public Records Act violations submitted to our office should include:

  • Specifics regarding the allegation
  • Description of the public body of which records are being sought
  • Copy of the written request for inspection of public records
  • Other supporting documentation

Submitting a Complaint

With New Mexico Office of the Attorney General's Electronic Complaint Submission (ECS) application, you can submit your OMA or IPRA complaint to our office without having to fill out paper forms.


Paper Forms

If you would prefer to fill out a paper complaint form, select the appropriate form below.

OMA Complaint Form    IPRA Complaint Form

Complaints should be sent to:

Office of the Attorney General
Open Government Division
P.O. Drawer 1508
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1508

or email;

OMA and IPRA Complaints

For a current list of OMA and IPRA complaints filed with our office, visit the OMA/IPRA page on our public records site