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Initiated by AG Hector H. Balderas
September 2021 NMLGC monthly meeting

Background: AG’s Directive/Beliefs

“Focus Efforts on Our Most Vulnerable Land-Based Communities”
“Hear the Voices - Transform Equity Voices to Become Legal Voices”
“Building Capacity to Identify Policies Available to Local Voices”
“Support Citizen Leadership & Community Heroes - Train for Succession”
“Facilitate Efficient Governance - Dancing Through the Walls”

Historical: an addition to AG Legal Library that offers safe housing for prominent documents provided by various entities who best reflect NM’s people, land and water; resources for professional development; resources for studies …

Gallery: a visual snapshot that reflects more than hard earned significant documents; it is an empowerment of land grant-merced y acequias; gallery also empowers NM’s most vulnerable land-based communities, families and students; academic studies; OAG Orientations/Outreach/Training…

Repository: a digital video legal website that links in and embraces our rich heritage, our culture, our virtues, and protects valued legal documents in perpetuity; a community-based educational succession platform; inclusive of digital/video documentation and power stories of Land Grants-Merced and Acequías; …. Links together many valuable resources such as NM Legislative Leadership and Committees; NM Land Grant Council; NM Acequía Commission; UNM/NMHU Land Grant Studies Programs; etc.

Most important our website features “Know the Office of the Attorney General” this component presents valued OAG staff as they share who they are, how and why they came to the OAG, and their valued roles as part of the State of New Mexico highest legal authority.

Know OAG’s Depth, Diversity, Service, Outreach, Advocacy, Partners

One goal of the Repository’s digital video legal website component is to promote and communicate with all levels of the OAG’s staff. Our approach is to secure video presentations of OAG on the ground personnel; individuals that walk-the- walk, talk-the-talk and drive the complexities of OAG’s day-to-day operations.

We are requesting OAG staff from all divisions across the OAG table to participate and present their respective backgrounds up and through their OAG responsibilities. We do this based on our belief that stories are powerful; these videos will be an informal but practical view of the OAG through the window of opportunity and succession.


We have found many, many New Mexicans do not understand the role, service and functions of the OAG. Many do not understand NM Statues and Authorities drive the role of the OAG. Many constituents believe that a call to the OAG ignites action out of the Attorney General or Assistant Attorney Generals. Sharing the ‘added value’ of the OAG from people who can put a face and voice to their responsibilities will enhance public confidence in the AG and respective OAG responsibilities.

Plaques #1-#14 / Courtyard Wall/ Staircase

  1. (1846) 
    In 1846 the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General was created by the Kearny
    Code, named after General Stephen W. Kearny. While New Mexico existed as a Territory, the Governor appointed the AG with the Approval of the Council. At Statehood in 1912, the office became elective.
  2. (1846)
    On August 18, 1846, the United State began jurisdiction over New Mexico. Governor Charles Bent appointed the first Attorney General of the Territory, Hugh N. Smith.

  3. (1848)
    On February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed, ending the Mexican/ American War 

  4.  (1846-48) Important dates for New Mexico:

1846 --- U.S. Provisional Government of New Mexico
1846-1848 --- Mexican-American War

  1. (1850)
    September 9, 1850 --- Wartime/Military Government ended, Congressional Compromise of 1850; boundaries established.

  2. (1853)
    Important dates for New Mexico:

1853/ 1854 --- Gadsden Purchase added small Southwestern area to New Mexico.
1881/ 1883 --- Southern Pacific Railroad Established

  1.  (1850)
    From September 9, 1850 to January 6, 1912 the Territory of New Mexico was an organized, incorporated territory of the United States.

  2.  (1880)
    From February 14, 1880 until June 22, 1881, the Office of the Attorney General was   declared vacant by the Supreme Court of New Mexico.

  3. (1912)
    January 6, 1912, the Territory of New Mexico became the 47th State of the Union.

  4.  (1880)
    At the expiration of the legislative term of 1880, Henry A. Waldo had been holding the appointment as AG for almost two years to fill a vacancy occurring when the legislature was not in session. On February 14, Eugene A. Fiske claimed the office by appointment of Governor Wallace. The NM Supreme Court ruled the Office of Attorney General vacant as of February 14, 1880 because the term of the incumbent had expired, and the governor did not have the power to appoint a new AG without the consent of the Council.

  5.  (1889)
    Office of the Attorney General was abolished and the Office of Solicitor General was created on February 15, 1889. The five Solicitors General were Edward L. Bartlett (held office twice), John P. Victory, Albert B. Fall, and George W. Pritchard.
  6. (1905)
    Office of Solicitor General was abolished and the Office of the Attorney General was re-created on March 16, 1905.

  7. (1912)
    Many changes came to the Office of the Attorney General with New Mexico’s statehood. Prior to 1912, individuals holding the Office were appointed. Frank Clancy
    was the last AG to be appointed during the Territorial Period and the first AG elected in Statehood. AT STAIRCASE at base of stairs far right
  8.  (1912)
    New Mexico Territory Attorney General Frank W. Clancy became the first AG when New Mexico ceded into the United States of America.


The gallery of former New Mexico Attorneys General was created in 2015 by staff members serving under AG Hector Balderas created. The hope of AG Balderas is for all New Mexicans to visit the gallery and embrace the rich history of Office of the New Mexico Attorney General.

Many thanks to the Padilla’s, Frame City in Albuquerque, for assisting us in the 2015 formation of the first historical gallery of Attorneys General for the State of New Mexico. Great appreciation to New Mexico’s State Historian Rick Hendricks for each informational piece he added to the gallery. Without his depth of knowledge, the completion of this project could not have happened.

“Creating this land grant archive demonstrates AG Hector H. Balderas' commitment to protecting traditional and vulnerable communities and helps others recognize their significance in history and in the present. The Historical Gallery and Repository will be a lasting monument to his two terms.”

Thank you to all our OAG staff especially, AAG’s Novela Salazar and Jennie Lusk and Dr. Ricardo Dow y Anaya and to Tiffany Pittman and Brandon Todacheene of Frame City in Albuquerque for assisting in the 2022 New Mexico Land Grants and Acequías Historical Gallery & Repository for the State of New Mexico. Special appreciation goes to UNM Land Grant Studies Program Historian Dr. Jacobo Baca whose expertise made possible the completion of this historical project, which demonstrates the New Mexico Office of the Attorney General’s commitment to our constitution and traditional land-based communities.

Photos/ Doc’s/ Southside Long Wall


1796 Santa Bárbara Land Grant petition to Gov. Fernando Chacón 

1861 Land Claim Town of Tome’  

1877 Tajique Land Grant plat  

1878 Lorenzo Marquez Land Grant  

1895 Nuestra Señora del Rosario San Fernando y Santiago  

1896 Atrisco Land Grant  

1900 San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant  

1901 Don Fernando de Taos plat  


1150-1821 Pueblo Nations-Spain-Mexico-New Mexico Status     

1620’s – 1987 The Silver-Crowned Canes

1909 Town of Chilili
Land Grant Letter                                                                              

1910 Constitution State of New México

2003 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Division                         

2022 From Hector H. Balderas                                                                       

2009 New Mexico Land Grant Council                                   

1912 – 2012 A Century of Statehood                                                  

1907 Town of Manzano patent

2022 NMLG Council                                       

2022 NM Land Grant and Acequía Education Program


1891 Carnue’

1876 Tierra Amarilla Land Grant Map-Plat

1806 Canon del Rio de Chama Grant                                          

1765 San Antonio de las Huertas Land Grant petition to Gov. Thomás Vélez Cachupín

1807 Juan Bautista Baldez Land Grant Petition               

2022 Spanish Mexican Land Grants Today             

1909 MAP Town of Abiquiu Land Grant Patent               

1800 Sello Tercero Dos Reales

1751 Rio de las Trampas

1793 Ojo Caliente                                                                                  

1710 Cristoval de la Serna