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Attorney General Hector H. Balderas
Student Ambassador Leadership Challenge

The goal of the Student Ambassador Leadership Challenge is to engage students with the Attorney General as they weave their academic content interests into the civil rights topics affecting NM’s underserved land-based communities. Participating students will write a paper considered for presentation at a future symposium sponsored by the Attorney General. Successful papers will demonstrate knowledge of the authority and responsibility of the Office of the Attorney General, and an understanding of federal and state statutes, the constitution and relevant case law.

Topics of interest include:

Civil rights of New Mexico’s most vulnerable land-based communities, discussing points such as: 

  • ‘ways to enhance and influence policy and decision making’
  • ‘ways to overcome stigma damages created by human or natural challenges’
  • ‘what can state/local policymakers do to improve school systems and vital services without raising taxes’
  • ‘in setting a student up for success, how important is an internship at the Office of the Attorney General’
                          (Messaging on the above issues may include scripts/videos)

Students selected will:

  • ‘Have the opportunity to present at the Student Ambassador Leadership symposium’
  • ‘Network with the top fifty symposium competitors and presenters, the Attorney General, Assistant Attorneys General, members of New Mexico’s most vulnerable land-based communities, NM legislators, etc.
  • ‘Build capacity to discover and implement legal policies to help their home communities’
  • ‘Build leadership by transforming equity voices to become legal voices’
  • ‘Have an opportunity to be eligible to participate in an internship plan in development at NMOAG’


  • Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to participate; i.e. those enrolled in any year prior to graduation or award of an advanced degree or, enrolled in a program that encourages community-based educational partnerships.
  • Students must correlate their selected topics to the benefits of their academic discipline, their personal academic growth, their respective communities, their families and extended families.
  • A teacher/professor or academic advisor must endorse a student’s work including student’s potential to earn credit towards academic requirements: such as a class assignment, high school exit exam, independent study, senior project, or thesis/dissertation.
  • Topic area may include a question that will lead to discussion of areas that the AG may want explored.
  • Topics should focus on New Mexico’s most vulnerable land based communities. 
  • Synopsis is limited to five-pages, Times New Roman font 12, 1.15 spacing and a five-minute presentation.


  • OAG Assistant Attorney Generals, Civil Rights Bureau and Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Division will evaluate and rank each five-page submission. All entrants will be invited to attend, and the top 10 selected will be invited to present to Attorney General Hector Balderas.
  • Deadline for submission is TBD. Documents must be received by 5:00pm, Office of the Attorney General, c/o Dr. Ricardo Dow y Anaya, Civil Rights Bureau/Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo Division, 408 Galisteo Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501.